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Delivering Formative Assessments to Promote Ongoing Student Learning is a Course

Delivering Formative Assessments to Promote Ongoing Student Learning

Time limit: 120 days
1.5 credits

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Full course description

As in traditional classroom environments, formative assessments allow educators in a distance learning environment to discover what content and skills their students have mastered and what they may need to continue working on. In some ways, implementing formative assessments in a distance learning classroom can be easier than in traditional classrooms, allowing for variety and frequency that an in-person classroom doesn't. In addition to reviewing many types of assessments, different question types, and strategies for grounding assessments in learning outcomes, this training will also provide ways to help ensure academic integrity and quickly provide students with feedback so they can better understand where they are in their content knowledge. The more practice students get at learning, retrieving, and re-learning content, the more likely they are to be successful when they reach a summative assessment, and this training emphasizes the many ways in which you can embed that practice into your course design.