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Fostering Persistence & Normalizing Struggle is a Course

Fostering Persistence & Normalizing Struggle

Time limit: 120 days
1.5 credits

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Full course description

If struggle is where growth occurs, then why aren't students achieving more academically? Too often, students encounter a challenge and give up rather than persist through the challenge to learn and grow, and this seems especially true in a distance learning environment. In this training, you'll learn strategies for creating a classroom culture that not only normalizes struggle, but celebrates it and encourages all learners to persist together through challenges. Through designing desirable difficulties, praising the learning process, and encouraging productive failure, you can reframe your class's learning using a growth mindset and reshape the ways in which your students think about academic challenges. At the end of the training, you will be able to create a lesson, or adapt one you already have, infused with the strategies you learned.