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Crowley ISD Distance Learning Catalog is a Program

Crowley ISD Distance Learning Catalog

Started Aug 13, 2020
24.0 credits

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Full program description

Welcome to Crowley ISD’s version of the OnRamps Distance Learning Catalog, a customized professional development experience for educators in the Crowley Independent School District! This educator learning experience is organized into four levels. Prepare for your journey by completing the Pre-Flight Checklist, encompassing essential skills and strategies for facilitating learning in various instructional modalities. Continue your exploration through Levels 1, 2, and 3, gathering skills to support you and your students and earning recognition (and more!) along the way. Each level builds on quality classroom practices as a framework for the key skills and strategies for distance and hybrid teaching that will help you meet the needs of each student across instructional modalities.

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Courses Available in this Program:


Ensure you have the essentials for your journey by completing the Crowley ISD Pre-Flight Checklist. In this set of modules, you will “check” the foundational skills you have used for in-person teaching to develop strategies for fostering positive relationships within and outside of the classroom, designing an effective student-centered course, creating authentic assessments for monitoring student progress, and managing technology tools within a distance or hybrid learning environment.


Cultivating Authentic Student-Teacher Relationships in Distance Learning

Aligning to Synchronous and Asynchronous Experiences

Choosing Assessment Structures for Distance Learning Environments

Learner-Centered Design



Airplane Taking Off  LEVEL 1: TAKEOFF

Level 1 extends your toolkit and comprises additional strategies for establishing an effective distance learning classroom. You will learn more about best practices for relationship-building throughout the year to create a learning community that embraces authentic student engagement. You will also learn how to reframe assignments and assessments to accurately capture each student’s progress while maintaining equitable design practices built to create and maintain community among you and your students.


Developing Peer-to-Peer Relationships and Group Dynamics

Focusing on Learning with Authentic Student Engagement

Establishing Assessment Cycles in Asynchronous and Synchronous Environments

Addressing Equity in Digital Classrooms

Building Community through Design


Airplane Exploring New Heights LEVEL 2: GAINING ALTITUDE

Level 2 builds on skills and strategies introduced in Level 1. With positive classroom relationships and core course and assessment structures as a solid foundation, you can take your knowledge of social-emotional learning a step further by modeling vulnerability and normalizing struggle as part of the learning process. Additionally, you will learn more about embedding equity and accessibility into your classroom as well as helping students achieve more agency whether working collaboratively or independently.


Fostering Persistence and Normalizing Struggle

Best Practices in Delivering Content Over Distance

Student-Driven Self-Monitoring within a Distance Learning Cycle

Ensuring Course Accessibility

Delivering Formative Assessments to Promote Ongoing Student Learning


 Airplane Gaining Altitude LEVEL 3: EXPLORING NEW HEIGHTS


Level 3 offers extended strategies for educators to explore and implement in their distance learning classrooms, emphasizing new techniques for planning assessments, designing for a smooth user experience, and translating tried-and-true curriculum and practices into distance learning experiences. You will also focus more on empowering students to monitor their own progress and manage their time and technology tools to achieve academic and personal growth even after they leave your classroom.


Teacher and Student Safety in Distance Learning Environments

Managing Technology Tools

Facilitating Feedback at a Distance to Improve Students’ Awareness of Learning Progress

Content, Clicks, and Color: Effectively Structuring a Distance Learning Course

Planning Summative Assessments in Distance Learning Environments

Translating Curriculum to a Distance or Blended Environment