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Student-Driven Self-Monitoring within a Distance Learning Cycle

Time limit: 365 days
1 credit


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Students know they should study for assessments, but sometimes they're unsure where they stand in terms of content mastery or knowledge of what, precisely, they are supposed to know. In a distance learning environment, it's especially important for students to acquire the metacognitive skills to self-monitor and understand what they know and don't know. This training reviews strategies for helping students become effective self-monitors through metacognitive practices, increasing their chances of self-identifying areas they've mastered as well as where they need additional work. Users will focus on pacing to identify places to insert student reflection as well as choose and evaluate different assessments throughout the semester. You will also create a plan to use in your first unit to employ a learning mastery system as well as a student-driven self-monitoring system.

Time estimate: 1 hour

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