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Full Distance Learning Catalog

Time limit: 365 days
26 credits

$179 Enroll

Full program description

Access courses across a range of topics to support distance and hybrid teaching.  

Available Courses:

The Essentials: A Framework for Effective Distance Teaching

This 1.5-hour course provides a foundation for effectively delivering a distance or hybrid learning course. 

Fundamentals for Social Emotional Learning via Distance

Creating Connection and Community in Distance Learning Environments

Facilitating Positive Peer-to-Peer Relationships and Group Dynamics

Fostering Persistence and Normalizing Struggle

Psychological Safety in Distance Learning Environments

Ensuring Accessibility and Inclusivity for Every Learner

Designing for Accessibility in Your Course

Content, Clicks, and Color: Digital Content Design with Users in Mind

Inclusive Teaching to Engage Every Learner

Supporting Student Success through Intentional and Strategic Assessment

Saving Time with Strategic Assessment Planning

Addressing Student Failure Rates through Formative and Summative Assessment Design

Promoting Student Accountability and Academic Integrity

Delivering and Managing Differentiated Assessments in a Distance Environment

Choosing What and How to Assess in a Distance Learning Classroom

Balancing Traditional and Non-Traditional Assessments

Scaffolding and Variety in Course and Assessment Design

Effective Use of Technology and Design for Distance Learning Classrooms

Delivering an Effective Synchronous and Asynchronous Student Experience

Usability Testing to Ensure Student Access

Using Technology to Encourage Authentic Student Engagement

Teaching Students New Technologies

Canvas Essentials: Best Practices for Course Development and Delivery

Building an Optimal Student Experience in Canvas LMS

Creating Student-Centered Courses through Content and Page Design

Enhancing Canvas Course Accessibility for All

Improving Assessment by Maximizing Assignment Options

Communication Tools for Classroom Connection