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Learner-Centered Design is a Course

Learner-Centered Design

Time limit: 120 days
1 credit


Full course description

Welcome to Learner-Centered Design. When creating a distance learning course, the best way to create a successful and enjoyable online learning experience for your students is to revolve the course around them. Use their needs, interests, skills, and goals to drive your course and activity design. Applying learner-centered design into your course helps students in many different areas like motivation, engagement, and community. In this module, we will dive deeper into learner-centered design, discuss how to better understand your students, how to have a learner-centered mindset, and how to implement this into your practice as a teacher. As you work your way through the module, you will interact with knowledge checks, create a product that you can take with you to use later, and apply your knowledge to receive CPE hours.

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